SLZ System

The SLZ series is the Non-Pressure Solar Water System which collectors and storage tank are separated. The system contains three parts: collector, storage tank and circulation pipes. The collectors are installed outsides, while the storage tank is installed insides, using the circulation pipes to connect the collector with the tank. 

- Controller: control circulation, electric heater and cold water supply 

i) temp. differential circulation; 

ii) tank & collector circulation after tank is full; 

iii) protection against overheating. (collector or tank >90

protection against freezing 

- Piping: 

pump:pressure-increasing type, withstand high temp. as 110  

cold water pipe valves: electro-magnetic valve and check valve; 

hot water pipe: mixing valve is necessary 

- Cheap and effective; 

- Better visual image; 

- Intelligent controlled; 

- Able to be combined with conventional fuel;(if pressurized back-up system, use heat exchanger) 

Working principle

The collector absorbs the solar irradiation and converts it into heat, which heat up the water in the collector. When the water at the outlet comes to a certain temperature , the cold water will be pumped in continually , to push the hot water into to the storage tank, until the outlet temperature goes down to a certain degree. This whole process is controlled by the controller. By this way, the hot water in the tank increases until the tank becomes full. After the tank gets full, all of the hot water in the system will began circulating ,which makes the temperature consistently increase.





volume of storage tank(L)




SLL4715-16   SPL5818/25

Inner tank material


Outter shell tank material



Polyurethane 45mm

Sealed material

Silicon rubber




Electric booster



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